June 6, 2016


0Complete Target is geological and financial ranking software designed for base- and precious- metal explorers.

The software is web-based, with clients accessing their own prospect database via a secure server. There is no need for high-powered computers or extra server space. In fact, the software is easily run on laptop, tablet or smart-phone.

The workflow has been kept simple and secure. Simple drop down menus and an intuitive workflow allow Complete Target to be easily integrated into your exploration workflow.

Complete Target provides lockable menu streams in key areas (e.g. regional financial entry parameters) to prevent accidental data corruption.

The geological ranking system is customisable and users can rank prospects based on their own critical parameters. Once a prospect has been evaluated on its geological merits it can be compared to prospects of different mineralisation-style or prospects containing different metal assemblages.

Complete Target gives users the ability to assess multiple orebodies within the one prospect. Up to three orebodies can be optimised in any given prospect and each orebody can contain up to three commodities.

Realistic optimisation of an open pit can be conducted at the click of a button and the points for the resultant pit are easily exported into your 3D exploration modelling workspaces. An underground mine can also be optimised with detailed level by level estimates of development and stoping, costs, grades, tonnes and metres of advance.

Due to the simplicity of use and speed of the process, sensitivity testing of key parameters can be completed and the results used to drive success criteria for future exploration drilling programs. Exploration drilling budgets can then be allocated or reallocated to projects most likely to generate a positive outcome.

The financial evaluation of the exploration project is coupled with its geological ranking confidence to generate an estimated monetary value (EMV). The EMV is a risk-discounted, income-based valuation of the prospect at the present time. All prospects can then be objectively ranked by geological, financial or EMV irrespective of commodity type, deposit style, location or exploration-stage.

Complete Target provides explorers an easy-to-use tool for rapidly evaluating the likelihood of exploration success for any given project and the ability to prioritize their exploration expenditure to where it will have the biggest effect.